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Brenda Matsen Fine Art

Portrait - One Subject (unframed, no background)

Black & White

8”x10” = $325

9”x12” = $375


8”x10” = $400

9”x12” = $600

*Please contact me for an estimate if you wish to include 

additional subjects, full body, backgrounds and/or complex details.

*Shipping charges are Extra.  

$25-$60 with tracking in Canada  - dependant of size and weight of artwork. 

All artwork is done using the highest quality of lightfast supplies. 

Rock Painting

Starting* at $400

*Rocks vary in price 

Things to consider if you are interested in commissioning Artwork:

*Artwork is created from the photo you provide - a well-focused Hi-Res Digital photo with detail works best.

*Please plan ahead. Expect artwork to take a minimum of 4-6 weeks from start to finish. 

Agates/Rocks may take longer due to the prep work and finishing time required . 

This does not include shipping times.

*Prices are in Canadian $

*50% deposit required at start of artwork & payment in full prior to shipping



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