Brenda Matsen ~ Fine Art


I am a self-taught artist, returning to art after a career in Health Sciences. I grew up on a farm in northern British Columbia with a passion for drawing horses and people. During high school I enjoyed a variety of art projects including drawing and painting including painting large wall-sized murals in our high school and for an outdoor stage for the local Billy Barker Days event. My favourite summer job during high school was designing a couple murals with McDonald’s characters and painting them on the local McDonald’s building.

I have always enjoyed creating realistic images. I am having fun using various mediums including coloured pencil, pastel, graphite, ink and now back to exploring painting again.  It’s been interesting to use acrylics to paint various surfaces such as glass and rocks.  My favourite subjects continue to be people and animals with botanicals becoming a favourite too! 

I am a member of the Pearl Ellis Gallery  (PEG) Fine Arts Society,  Pastel Artists.Ca and the Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA).

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I hope you enjoy exploring my site.  Please stay safe. Stay well.  Thank you visiting my site and sharing in my journey back to art.


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